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Why is the Riverfront Park important for Danville?

Answer: The Riverfront Park has been designed to be the high quality public space within Danville’s downtown. This high quality space is an investment in the success of not only the River District, but in Danville as a whole. This public space provides unique amenities that offer opportunities for all residents of Danville, regardless of age or ability, to enjoy this space, while also increasing the quality of life that Danville has to offer. Increasing the quality of life here makes Danville a more attractive place to live, encouraging residents to stay and attracting new residents to the area. Quality of life amenities also make Danville a more attractive location for businesses to relocate, increasing the employment opportunities for Danville residents.


Who is paying for the construction of the Riverfront Park?

Answer: Currently, the City of Danville has received a $4 million challenge grant from the Danville Regional Foundation. The remaining funding needed is being raised through a multi-level fundraising campaign that includes individual donations of all sizes, grants, corporate donations, donations from civic organizations, etc.


Will there be a cost to use the splash pad?

Answer: No, all amenities in the park, including the splash pad, are free and open to the public.


Will this park be affected by flooding?

Answer: While this property rarely sees flooding, even in our larger flood events, the lower portion of the park property is in the flood plain. This means that there is always a slight chance that it could flood; however, the park was designed in such a way that in the event of a flood, that area could be easily cleaned with minimal damage expected to occur. 


How can I get involved with this effort?

Answer: If you would like to contribute to this effort, please visit the “Donate” page on the website to make a financial contribution. Donations of any size are welcomed and greatly help make this vision a reality.


Where do I park?

Answer: In addition to some on street parking adjacent to the park, there is free public parking within a short walking distance. Park visitors are encouraged to park at Newton’s Landing or the parking garage within Acre’s Warehouse, both of which are connected to the park by sidewalks and/or the Riverwalk Trail. For more information on parking in the River District, see the map below.

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